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Located along the I-10 Rail Corridor between the Beaumont Subdivision (Union Pacific) and the Houston Subdivision (BNSF/Union Pacific), our Beaumont facility is strategically located to serve Southeast Texas and Louisiana's rail industry. With an efficiently designed yard and seven tracks capable of 65 + car inbound and outbounds each, Iron Horse is capable of over 260 cars of throughput a day.  

As of 2023, our Beaumont facility has a capacity of 2700+ cars.

We continue to grow the yard with ongoing construction as we work towards our total capacity of 4500 cars.

Iron Horse can handle unit trains, hazardous and non-hazardous units, hoppers, freight cars, and articulated flats.  Whatever your storage needs are we have a solution at a competitive rate.

Hopper Car


Our goal is 100% on-time shipment within 24 hours of waybill receipt

Iron Horse is an FRA site and operates multiple crews and locomotives throughout the day and night to meet our objective of shipping customer cars within 24 hours of receipt of a waybill.

Customer Focus

Iron Horse has a customer-focused approach to everything that we do and storage and switching services at our facilities is no different. Whether a customer is embedded at our sites or a local company looking for local storage, we create catered solutions and catered structures to meet your fleet's needs. 

Locomotive Storae
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