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Iron Horse's team and facilities are designed to handle a wide variety of projects from terminalling infrastructure development at our site to hazardous material handling to simple transload projects, our team is capable and uniquely fitted for the project. 

Our management's involvement in day-to-day operations, our corporate structure, and our ability to make quick decisions make us an optimal partner for many unique rail and bulk logistics-related projects. 

PD Hopper Shop


Projects Complete to Date

With over 36 year’s experience, Iron Horse Services will be able to provide the quality of service you expect. Our Team performs inspections, repairs certifications, and testing for a variety of railcar

Iron Horse Aerial

Project Examples

  • Liquids Loading/Unloading

  • Dedicated Logistics Infrastructure 

  • Tankage

  • Hazardous Materials Transloading

  • Hazardous Material Repackaging

  • Liquids Packaging

  • Liquids Blending

  • Construction Material Unloading

  • Construction Material Laydown

  • Specialty Railcar Cleaning

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