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Iron Horse Terminals, Beaumont is Fully Operational

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

BEAUMONT, Texas, June 17, 2020 -- Iron Horse Terminals, LLC (IHT) is pleased to announce that the Beaumont, Texas rail terminal is fully operational as of the date of this release. The final step in the construction was the connection of the facility to the Houston Rail Line served by Union Pacific (UP) and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF).

This dual served terminal is the largest rail terminal in the Golden Triangle with 1,300+ storage spots, a 30-car maintenance facility, a 10 car transloading facility and a soon to be operational car washing facility. IHT is located on 500+ acres in the heart of the Southeast Texas petrochemical industry.

The master plan for the 500+ acres includes: 4,500 rail car storage spots; 75 car maintenance facility; 25 acres of transload operations; rail served warehousing; plastics repackaging facilities; and an inland container port.

Customers include refiners, chemical plants, plastics plants, aggregate and ready-mix suppliers, and large construction projects.

IHT is locally owned and operated, with the intent of being a multi-generational business. "Our plan is for IHT to become an integral part of the industry in SE Texas. The size and location of the facility, coupled with the diversity and quality of our services, will allow IHT to create efficiencies in the local industry's supply chain," -IHT's President Steven Birdwell.

The completion of the facility is the culmination of four years of work, and much of the success is the result of hard work by our customers, employees, bankers, suppliers, vendors and contractors.

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