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Our state-of-the-art facility in Beaumont, Texas, forms an integral part of the Beaumont heavy industrial complex, offering customers unparalleled flexibility within the regional rail traffic landscape. This meticulously master-planned facility is designed to accommodate up to 3500 railcars, featuring dedicated tracks for liquids and solids transloading, rail-served warehousing, and a comprehensive maintenance and cleaning facility.


Strategically dual-served by UPRR and BNSF on a daily basis, the facility boasts an extensive 45-mile track network, providing unit train capabilities and a substantial storage capacity exceeding 2500 railcars. Situated across 405 acres of developable land along Highway 90, and just 8 miles from the Port of Beaumont, our Beaumont facility is poised to serve as a central hub for seamless and efficient rail operations in the region.


In our vision for future expansion, Iron Horse anticipates the establishment of a facility in Baton Rouge, LA. This strategic development aims to further enhance our regional presence, offering a comprehensive solution for rail logistics.

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